Product Product Description

The key elements of Zicom's Alarm System are the Main Panel, which is the brain of the system and the iAlert Station (CMS).

The other major components of Alarm Systems are as follows:

Main Panel
The Main Panel is the brain of the system. It supports all the wireless detectors, PIR, door sensors, etc. The users can easily set the system on arming/disarming mode through Pin, Key fob or Telephone. The in-built hooter gets the information from the sensors, it then raises an audible alarm locally and the panel simultaneously sends a signal to the i-Alert -Central Monitoring Service that operates 24 x 7, 365 days.
Key Fob
The Key fob enables arming and disarming of the system. The panic button helps to activate the alarm and allows you to protect your premise and call for help in case of emergency.
Magnetic Sensor
Magnetic Door Sensor is ideally used to monitor closed entry points such as doors & windows. It is designed to send a signal to the main panel, when the contact between the transmitter and corresponding magnetic sensor is broken.
Motion Sensor

Motion sensor is equipped with passive infrared sensors that detect unauthorized movement in the house when the Alarm System is in the armed condition. The state of art motion detectors use the most modern techniques that can distinguish between the movement of a pet and a human, thus eliminating the possibility of a false alarm.