Product Description
EZ Connect™ N - 300Mbps Wireless
EZ Connect™ N Wireless PCI Adapter
The SMCWPCI-N3 is designed to provide a high-speed wireless and PHY performance for your computer complies with IEEE802.11n, 802.11g, and 802.11b standards. Wireless transmission rates can reach up .     
EZ Connect™ N - 150Mbps Wireless    
150 Mbps Wireless-N USB2.0 Adapter
This EZ Connect™Wireless-N USB2.0 Adapter enables Wireless-N connectivity to your desktop or notebook computer and provides improved throughput of up to 150Mbps compared to existing 802.11g technology. With security being a key consideration, the latest WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption standards are supported, which prevent unauthorized access to wireless networks and ensure data is secure.   The EZ Connect™ N Wireless PCIe Adapter (SMCWPCIeS-N) is another cutting edge introduction in 2.4GHz wireless communication for desktop computers. Designed for the home and office, this wireless PCIe adapter provides the speed, coverage and security expected by today’s wireless users.