Product Description
TSR Series Switching Routers

Techroutes TSR series is the Next-generation Multi Service Switching Router platform, designed for growing customer requirement of real time applications and high bandwidth requirement. The router platform designed with a 64bit multi-core processor with Gigabit Switching integration so that it can give excellent performance up to 2Mpps.

The Router comes with USB, HIC and HIM Slots with a wide range of Modules to achieve user specific interface options. to cater different networking requirements of government, financial institutions, military, enterprises or operators.

TSR series is driven by the 64-bit dual-core processor, the private gigabit ASIC switching chip and FPGA components, enabling the whole hardware platform of the router to run on the hi-speed Ethernet frame. This innovative design attributes TSR with an inherent extra powerful processing ability, to enhance the upper-layer software functions

Models Available :
TRS 5800 Router
TSR 2800 Router
TSR 3800 Router