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for touch applications demanding harsh outdoor use

Works through Glass!! Ideal for Railway Outdoor Kiosk - can use additional glass in front to avoid breakage of Touch Screen.

Traditional touch screen sensing technologies, such as capacitive, resistive and surface acoustic wave are surface-active and therefore, more susceptible to surface variance effects during the screen's lifetime. Capacitive sensor arrays are often subject to drift, which means that regular recalibration is required and consequently, maintenance is more expensive. Resistive touch technology is more prone to damage caused by sharp pointing devices such as a pen or the corner of a credit card. PCT eliminates all of these problems by providing a robust, reliable and calibration-free, non-surface active glass fronted touch solution.

PCT is based on the principle of embedding an array of micro-fine sensing wires within a multi-layer laminated screen behind a protective front surface, ensuring that the sensing medium is well-protected from accidental and malicious damage. This technology is extremely robust and reliable, offers one of the industry's highest light transmission characteristics and can be operated with a gloved or ungloved hand.

PCT has unlimited touch life, is drift-free, and so requires minimal maintenance. PCT is currently employed in a wide range of touch screen-based applications that require high-end solutions, such as public access information kiosks, jukeboxes, ATMs, gaming machines and medical and industrial applications.




Detection Method : Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT)
Sensor : Glass with embedded microfine sensing array
Electronics : Remote PCB, Serial or USB connectivity
Size Range : Sizes 7.0" thru 20.1"
Optical Resolution : >4 lines/mm (NMS1963A)
Light Transmission : ~90%
Haze : <3% (Gardner Haze)


Operating Temperature : - 35°C to +70°C
Humidity : RH 0 to 90% up to 40°C
Storage Temperature : -40°C to +80°C
Storage Humidity : RH 0 to 90% up to 49°C (Max 2 weeks)
Resistance to Contamination : Sensing media protected by glass. Exceeds requirememts of ASTM-Fe598-95
Water Resistance : Unaffected by water droplets or condensation


Immunity to Damage : Glass surface with no moving parts
Sensor Thickness : 3mm
Stylus Type : Finger, gloved hand
Operation Force : <0.1g
Hardness : Glass hardness - Mohs 7
Sensor MTBF : Glass with no moving parts or coatings. No known wear out mechanisms
Scalability : Can be sealed to meet NEMA 4 & 12, and IP 65 standards
Vibration : In accordance with IEC 60068-2-64 when installed in a suitable bezel


Power Requirements : <100 A, USB Controller powered from VBUS 5V dc, Serial Controller powered by 6V to 12V dc external power supply
EMC : CE, FCC class B
ESD : ±25kV Air Discharge when mounted in plastic bezel, Per EN 6100-4-2, 1995
Resolution : < 1mm
Speed of Response : < 10ms
Calibration Drift : One time calibration, no drift
Functionality : Active on touch, activate on release, drag & drop, double click, right click
Multiple Monitors : Option available for multiple monitor use
Connectivity : Serial, USB v1.1 compatible with USB 2.0
Drive OS Supported : Win 2000, Win XP, Win XP-E, Win Vista, Win CE, Linux
Protocol : Protocol available to allow users to customise their driver design