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for touch applications demanding harsh outdoor use

Our premium capacitive touch panel offers outstanding accuracy, optics and durability that exceeds current market standards. The Touch panel gives extraordinary touch accuracy. The super slim border design allows better integration for new generation flat panel displays. The panel is of the best optical quality in the industry. With unprecedented optical transmission, low reflection, and minimized color distortion, the panel sets a new standard and brings eye opening experience to users. The standard surface antiglare treatment makes the panel suitable for most outdoor and indoor applications.

The panel is made of all new materials and processes that make it more durable and reliable.This provides extra resistance to vandalism and hazardous environments.

The capacitive touch panel consists of multilayer coatings on a glass panel. The layered structure is shown in figure 2. Transparent conductive coatings are coated on both sides of the glass panel. Specially designed electrodes are laid around the panel's edge on top of the front-side conductive coating to evenly distribute a low voltage across the front-side conductive coating, creating a uniform electric field. The backside conductive coating is used for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding. A hard coat layer is laid on top of the front-side conductive coating to provide protection to the front-side conductive coating. The layered structure is optimized to provide extraordinary optical quality and durability.


Touch Controller


The controller measures the values of the current flow from the four corners and calculates the X, and Y coordinates of the touch location. The raw coordination data is further analyzed and compensated to give the optimized linearity accuracy. The controller utilizes its multi-point linearity compensation function to compensate non-uniformity of the panel. Each panel is calibrated in factory. Its compensation data is stored in EEPROM of the controller in pair with the panel and is used for linearity compensation. The compensated coordinates is then transmitted to the host computer through RS232 or USB interfaces.

Capacitive Touch Screens & Integrated Touch Monitors are used for Public Access Kiosk, ATM applications etc.

With Superior specs. such as: surface scratch hardness of 9H, durability over 300 million touches life, high light transmission rate of 93%, narrow border for easy integration, compact size touch controller board designed to fit inside all LCD displays.

Widest range of Driver support - Windows Vista, 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT4, XP, CE,, (CPU: X86, ARM, V4/V4i, SH 3/4), Linux (RedHat 9.0, Mandrake 9.2, SuSE 9.0, Yellow Dog 3.x and Fedora Core 2), DOS, iMac (OS9/X), API supported.

Our Capacitive sensors are pin to pin compatible for drop in replacement with other brands and come with a 5 years warranty.




Operating Temperature : 0 C to 65 C degrees centigrade
Storage temperature : -40oC to 80 oC degrees centigrade
Humidity : 95% at 60 C Centigrade
Form Factor (W * L) : General size (62mm x 33mm )
Power Input : 5V for RS232 / USB
Driver : Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT4/ 2000/ XP/ XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows CE 2.12/ 3.0/ .net/ 5.0, MS DOS, Linux(Kernel 2.6), iMac 9.0/OS X
ESD : Air 16KVA; Contact 8KVA (contact discharge to screen)
Regulatory : FCC B, CE
Seal Ability : Nema Sealable


Category : Capacitive
Controller Interface : RS-232/USB
Input Method : Finger
Avaliable Size : 6.4" to 21" Diagonal
Glass Thickness : 1.8mm/2.8mm (Glass only, not included tail connection)
Accuracy : 11.0% based on the diagonal dimension of the screen
Resolution : Max. to 2048 X 2048
Light Transmission : 92 12% per ASTM D1003
Operating Temperature : -15oC to 70oC
Storage Temperature : 40oC to 85oC
Humidity : MAX 90%RH(non-condensing) up to 60oC
Chemical Resistance : Resistance to chemicals that don't affect panel per ASTM-D-1308-87(1993) and ASTM-F-1958-95.
Application : Outdoor /Indoor application
Adhesion : Withstands cross-cut tester without deteriorations per ASTM D3359
Abrasion : Exceeds severe abrasion test per MIL-C-675;
Surface Scratch Hardness : Can withstand more than 9H per ASTM-D3363
Surface Durability : Withstands over 300 million touches without noticeable degradation