IT Infrastructure Solutions

Service Sector



Business Computing :
We ensure our customers entire range of products in business computing by providing products from HP, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, HCL. In isolated cases we also provide Tailor made solutions.
We provide leading edge, high performance, scaleable ‘servers solutions’ around brands like HP, IBM, Dell and ACER for critical business application. We also specialize in implementation of blade servers, Risk Servers and Cluster solutions.
Security & Telecommunication :

Security is a much needed requirement for home, office, industry, government and various other segments. Products offered by us are varied from BAS, FAS, VOP CCTV, metal detectors, electronic fencing to explosive detectors.

We offer products from reputed brands like Zicom, Worldphone, Cyclops, Hikvision,  Tutis, Samsung…

Telecom is a versatile and the technology of this millennium. IP surveillance, datacenter, Voice & Video over broadband, Ceased line, for data & many more products from Grandstream, Tata, Techroute, Cisco…

Networking is an integral part of IT, we offer a whole range of networking solutions. We design, deploy and maintain both resilient and non-resilient campus networks. We offer wide solutions ranging from passive network over fiber or copper or active components. We implement WAN, LAN, solutions using products like CISCO, DAX, DLINK, 3COM, NETGEAR, SMC.
Peripherals :

There are important IT components having indefendent  but important functionality. Major brands have showcase of products.

Printer : Epson – HP – Wipro – Canon -  TVSE
Scanner : HP – Canon -  Epson
Monitors : LG – Samsung -  AOC -  Acer -  HCL
Memory / HOD : Transcend  - Seagate – Hynix
USB Devices : Transcend – Sandisc
Speakers / Keyboards : Logitech – I Ball – TVSE - Intex

Thin Client :
From business to education, our mission is to assist in reducing Total Cost of Ownership for connectivity, mobility and data access. Through simplified modification & terminal services our thin client solutions enable transparent applications without making a significant hardware and licensing investment.                                                              More...
Storage being backbone of IT industry, we provide our clients with reliable products for storage and data back-up management. According to need we design storage & data centre solutions to help our clients simplify their storage infrastructure, support business continuity and improve information life cycle management.
Understanding that only efficient software can make any IT equipment complete, we have partnered with industry icons like Microsoft to offer its clients packaged software and operating system licenses, We also offer office management tools, messaging solutions from Microsoft, Lotus notes, Linux, Oracle, and other SMB solutions.
Power Solutions:
A good power backed solutions is essential for any IT to keep on running, we provide a wide range of solutions, from a small power back-up set-up from APC, Microtek, XSIS, to a live data centre.