Thin Client

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Thin Client :
From business to education, our mission is to assist in reducing Total Cost of Ownership for connectivity, mobility and data access.

Through simplified modification & terminal services our thin client solutions enable transparent applications without making a significant hardware and licensing investment.

Thin client solution offers great benefits in terms of cost , speed , performance , security. Virus free environment, table space and is maintenance free.

Thin client solution allows seamless connectivity to any application on any platform. It is ideal for multiple OS & server environment.

With the latest fan less technology & C2D-Quad Core introduction the stability is strengthened even further.

Optional solutions like Touch Screen-[Capacitive-Resistive], embedded OS options like XP, LINUX , and modules like Wireless connectivity , Smart Card reader are available.
Advantages & Applications:
    • Reduces acquisition & support cost
    • On Demand Customization
    • High Reliability and Safety
    • Easy to setup and maintain and secure
    • Power Saving- Energy efficient
    • Government-Education-Designing-Training
    • Office –Industry-Hotel